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The Underdogs from Leeds, were a prolific band of the second batch of UK Punk. They recorded two brilliant demos between 1982 and 1983. The band were formed in 1981, and their name was inspired by the song of the Mancunian legends The Drones. Although some pundits likened them to the The Clash, SLF and Dead Kennedys their own preferences were varied. That said, all four members were fans of The Clash. They rehearsed at the Windmill Youth Club in Rothwell (Leeds), which was also the launching pad of fellow Riot City Punksters, The Expelled.

They recorded their first demo in 1981, which included the songs “Big Brother” and “Make It Last”. However, it was their second visit to the studio in 82/83 (this time funded by Riot City, that saw their finest hour), the production of “East of Dachau” EP, which, with “Johnny Go Home” and “Dead Soldier” announced their arrival on the Punk scene. 

Despite limited success, mainly due to lack of gigs, Riot City persevered with the band and an 8“ track Mini-Album was planned for the following year. Sadly, Riot City fell into financial difficulties at this time and so those 8” tracks, which included “Never Gonna give Up”, “Hate Bomb” and “Paint It Red” never saw daylight. During the following year they managed to do a few gigs, supporting The Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts and Subhumans among others but they never got the chance to play outside the UK. 

The very last line-up was: Bill and UG (The Underdogs) and Macca and Tim (The Expelled). By this time they had changed their name to Paradise West. They played one gig supporting the Upstarts then disbanded, permanently. “Riot In Rothwell” was released posthumously... Using the tracks from the 8" track EP that never was. (UG 2015)

After 34 years that they recorded their first Demo “Riot in Rothwell”, Common People Records proudly presents for first time on vinyl, the two Demos of the band, never released before on vinyl. “Riot in Rothwell” recorded in 1982 and “East of Dachau” recorded in 1983. All tracks have been remastered for a better sound quality during summer 2015 at ‘Rana Studios’. Limited edition to 520 copies. 


1-Never Gonna Give Up
2-Love in a Hate Bomb 
3-Private Wars
4-Make it Last
5-Self Preservation Society
7-East of Dachau
8-Johnny Go Home
10-Boys will be Boys
11-Late Starter
12-Big Brother
13-Dead Soldier
14-Paint it Red
15-Good Bye


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