Harley Flanagan släpper ny skiva.

Kategori: Skivsläpp

Det ryktas även om ännu en skiva förutom nämnda nedan, som tydligen ska gå under namnet:
Cro-mag man.
Fyndigt Harley, fyndigt.
Harley Flanagan has announced a new album. It's called Cro-Mags (but it's a Flannigan solo album, not a Cro-Mags album). Flannigan previously released an album called Cro-Magwith his band, Harley's War. The album has 12 tracks and is 25 minutes. The album is out January 15, 2016 via MVD Records. You can see the track list below.
I Come In Peace
Can't Give In
Webster Hall
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
To All My Friends
Mess With The Bull
Don't Tell Me
I'll Fuck You Up
Fighting the Urge to Kill
Trust No One


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