Ny platta från UK Subs.


 UK Subs med snart 70-årige Charlie Harper i spetsen fortsätter prångla ut plattor.

The brand new studio album by the legendary UK SUBS is out now on Captain Oi!
"XXIV" is the UK SUBS 24th official album (hence XXIV).
In their quest to release one album for every letter of the alphabet (and following on from the excellent Captain Oi release Work In Progress) XXIV contains 14 killer electric tracks plus a bonus 12 acoustic tracks which have been added to this Expanded Edition.
The 26 tracks come in a Deluxe Hard Back Digipak and includes an excellent 20 page booklet with all the lyrics. It's in the SHOP now and is £12.99 INCLUDING UK delivery. For those of you in Europe it's £1 per CD for delivery and the Rest Of The World it's £2.
The CD is IN STOCK and available here:


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