Psychopunch+Supersuckers= sant.

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Splitsingel på g.
In 2014 SPV celebrates it's 30th anniversary with various campaigns and releases and here’s another highly collectable Split-Single for the 30th anniversary of one of Germany's leading independent record labels SPV.

Both the SUPERSUCKERS and PSYCHOPUNCH are well known bands when it comes to fast forward and honest Rock n Roll.

Without any doubt this 7inch will be a future collectors piece as it is strictly limited to only 500 copies and contains 2 tracks of each band. 

Jarmo Mäkkeli (Psychopunch) comments: "We got asked if we wanted to record a new song for a split 7" to be released together with Supersuckers for SPV´s 30 anniversary. We of course said yes and we felt honoured. So,we wrote a short kickass rock track called "You´re a wild one honey". We recorded and mixed the song in a few hours. To have that song + "Emelie" from our latest album "Smakk valley" on that split 7" with Supersuckers for SPV`s anniversary...well...that´s a real cool thing!”

You want more good news? Ok, here you go:

PSYCHOPUNCH will release a brand new Videoclip for the song "Emelie" next week - more news on this to follow ASAP. Stay tuned...


The SUPERSUCKERS / PSYCHOPUNCH Split-Single will be released in Germany May 30th 2014, in Europe June 2nd 2014.
Get yourself a copy while you can. These little R'n'R Gems will sell out fast.


Side A

SUPERSUCKERS - Go! (non album track)
SUPERSUCKERS – Pushin’ Through

Side B

PSYCHOPUNCH - You’re A Wild One Honey (non album track)


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