Diamond Dogs splittras.

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Dear friends

Diamond Dogs have reached the end of the journey.

A Huge thank you! to those who have been folloing us during these exciting 25 years of rocknroll. We hope you continue to enjoy our music, but now it's time for a farewell to the stages.

So... Goodbye Miss Jill... We sure had a lovely time... Cheers!


Sulo, Honk, Magic, Lars, Johannes & Morgan

If you have any questions for us, like to get in contact with a band member, or if any of you like to share your thoughts, personal texts etc. about the band, share your old or newly taken private photos of the band, or maybe a pic of yourself together with the band or a band member (high or low res.) Please send it to our email

We promise we will respond to all of you, and in case we use any of your material when we sum up the Diamond Dogs history, we will of course add your full name if you want us to.



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