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We are sad to say that we are no longer existing as a band.
Due to different reasons we have decided to put this band in the grave. We are all still friends but have decided to put our energy and time on our other bands.
It’s been a hell of a ride and we even wrote some history. We want to give a big thanks to all you who came along for the ride and gave us your support.

Our new record ANTHEM FOR THE UNDERGROUND will still be released some time during 2013 on Trash Family Records.

If you still want to follow us and support our other bands this is some of the things we will be working on:
Emil, Daniel and Tubbe are all in the horror punk band MISS BEHAVE AND THE CARETAKERS.

Emil is also in the metal band: CHAINWRECK.

Daniel has just joined punkrockers PARASIT.

Niklas will be focusing on his rockabilly/bluegrass/rock n´roll solo project. He is also starting up a oldschool hardcore band called U29 and his own record label, Trash Family Records.

We will keep posting updates about our other projects on this site, and also news about when our new record will be out.

Thanks and so long!

Niklas, Emil, Daniel, Tubbe.


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