Heiko Schrepel har gått bort.

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Från TKO Records fb-sida:

We are deeply saddened today to learn of the untimely passing of our friend Heiko Schrepel. Heiko was a fixture in the Bay Area scene since the early days of TKO Records, playing in United Blood, U.S. BombsThe Re-Volts, and most notably One Man Army.

His musical career took him well beyond the bars and dives of San Francisco and Oakland, all around the world where he played to thousands of fans.

Heiko's well earned notoriety never went to his head. He always remained the lovable, mischievous rogue we all knew and loved, quick with a witty comment backed up with that wry, one of a kind smile. Whether he was playing to a handful of friends at a backyard BBQ or thousands of fans at a festival gig, Heiko was Heiko. When he was on stage, by the look on his face you could always tell he was exactly where he wanted to be, doing what he loved.

That's how we'll always remember him.

Love ya, buddy.

-Mark, TKO Records


Från American Oi`s fb-sida:

Very sorry to hear that Heiko Schrepel, bassist of the incredible One Man Armyhas passed away. Rest in peace and all the strength in the world to the family, friends and loved ones left behind.




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