Turnè i Europa för Hudson Falcons.

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Hudson Falcons - European 2015 Tour
Coming back to Europe for the first time since 2012!
If you can help on any of our off days, please let us know

Thu Apr 30 Dülmen, Germany Kolpinghaus
Fri May 1 Emden, Germany Cafe Grusewsky
Sat May 2 Chemnitz, Germany AJZ
Sun May 3 Day off
Mon May 4 Day off
Tue May 5 Limoges, France El Doggo
Wed May 6 Barcelona, Spain Rocksound
Thu May 7 Day off
Fri May 8 Day off
Sat May 9 Aretxabaleta, Basque Haizea Tabern
Sun May 10 Sant Feliu de Codines, Spain Atzavara Club 
Mon May 11 Saint Etienne, France Thunderbird Lounge
Tue May 12 Monza, Italy FOA Boccaccio
Wed May 13 Day off 
Thu May 14 Day off 
Fri May 15 Gambellara, Italy John Barleycorn Pub
Sat May 16 Graz, Austria JUZ Explosive
with Jenny Woo
Sun May 17 Prague, Czech Republic Cross Club
Mon May 18 Teplice, Czech Repubic Bozak
Tue May 19 Cottbus, Germany Gladhouse
Wed May 20 Krakow, Poland Fabryka
Thu May 21 Day off 
Fri May 22 Coburg, Germany Irish Pub
Sat May 23 Gladbeck, Germany Rumblers CC Ruhrpott BBQ
w/ The Scandals
Sun May 24 Rotterdam, Netherlands Rotterdam Riot
Falcons set at 2:30pm at Vessel 11
Mark Linskey solo acoustic set at 7:00pm at Worm (side stage)
wThe Dictators NYC, The Scandals
Mon May 25 Munster, Germany Green Hell 
this show is in the afternoon and it's Mark Linskey solo acoustic
Mon May 25 Dülmen, Germany Xland
Mark Linskey solo acoustic w/Roadside Bombs
Tue May 26 Essen, Germany Südrock
w/The Scandals & Emscherkurve 77
Wed May 27 Braunschweig, Germany B58
w/The Scandals 
Thu May 28 Berlin, Germany Wild at Heart
w/The Scandals and Roadside Bombs
Fri May 29 Dresden, Germany Chemifabrik
Contra Records - Here Comes the Summer Bash!
w/The Scandals, Roadside Bombs, Degeneration & many more
Sat May 30 Hamburg, Germany Mokeys Music Club
w/The Scandals


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