Besserbitch söker basist.

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We are looking for you - awesome human being - that wants to fill the currently empty, and extremely important spot as bass player in Besserbitch. We play fast, furious and melodic punk rock and we are right now in the writing process of our second full length album, and have great happenings ahead of us :)


We only have a few criteria’s for you:


* You like (love) the kind of music we play, and have a sense/feeling of how to play this kind of music.


* You have the time, interest and passion to play in a band. This means rehearsal every week, and possibility to take time off from work sometimes, for gigs/tours/recordings etc.


* You can play bass, and you can play it fast!


* On stage experience.


Personal qualities:


We (Besserbitch) are a group of close friends very different from each other but with a lot of love and respect for one another.

We are open minded and have lots of fun together, the fun and friendship is the core of our band - so, it's important that you too are an open minded and positive person.


We hope you are out there somewhere! :) And everyone else - feel free to spread the word and share this to all your friends in order to help us find our next bass player.


Much love,



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