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(Saxat från facebook 29 juni)


Oi! Pogolovers of the world!

We have extremely sad news to report. Tomorrow we were going to go on a three week European tour including Denmark, Germany, UK, France, Spain and Belgium. We were super excited about getting to play loads of new cities and meet new and old friends.

Unfortunately our singer Tijana has gotten a severe stomach pain, which has grown worse and worse during the last few days. In pure denial we have all just kept our fingers crossed and figured INSHALLAH WE WILL STILL BE ABLE TO GO ON TOUR!

However reality struck down upon us harder than ever. Tijana now has a high fever and blood in her urine and is in the hospital waiting for answers. It might be her appendix or something with her kidneys, uterus or other intestines. The doctors have forbidden her to leave the country since they say that there is a risk that this condition, whatever may be causing it, might get worse and turn into something life threatening within just a few hours.

This leaves us with no choice but to cancel the entire tour. We are all very worried about Tijanas condition and also feel enormously EMPTY inside, since most of us spend our entire working years just longing for finally getting to go on tour. So LIFE SUCKS right now.

As if this wasn’t enough we also want to inform you that our bass player Clara, who has been a founding member and been in the band since 2001 (she even was the one who stole this band name from Barbie’s band) now is leaving us. This was decided some time ago and this tour was planned to be her grand finale. So since this tour now has to be cancelled we will see if she perhaps might do some other show/shows as her final ones on some other occasion. There are no hard feelings. It was Clara’s own decision to leave the band and it is something she has been thinking about for a while. She simply feels that she lacks the energy and motivation needed to stay in the band. The rest of us will continue to play and we will be looking for a new bass player.


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