Micky French har avlidit.

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(Saxat från Skinhead reunion på facebook)
Niklas Törnbloms foto.

Sad to say that news has just come in that Micky french,
Owner of the most iconicSkinhead shop in history. The last resort in Londons cockney East End.

I first heard of the last resort in about 1980 when skinheads hit the news for trouble at bank holiday Southend. A TV show I think 'Nationwide' did a feature on this new breed of yobs called
Skinheads. They went to the shop and skinheads spoke about the clothes and the lifestyle on being a skinhead, how you will get police oppression, refused admission to clubs and pubs. The violent confrontation, a regular threat. I was hooked, a week later we Wycombe skinheads made
The trip to Aldgate East station, a walk down brick lane to find the Mecca.
Every Sunday skinheads would come from all over the uk and some
From mainland Europe as the skinhead culture expanded abroad.

The shop closed in the mid 80's,
As the skinhead subculture dropped
In numbers, I think the fact they tried casual clothing, as many east end skins had become casuals.

Micky was a proper East end wheeler and dealer, always friendly to the toe
Rags that hung out there every Sunday . And is without a doubt a huge player in the history of skinheads. RIP


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